Major support provided by…

James A. Davidson Charitable Foundation

Texas Wild is the recipient of a $76,000 grant from the James A. Davidson Foundation. This grant aids us in our outreach efforts through educational television programming.  The grant we have received has provide equipment for our PBS series and other wildlife segments that are airing on Panhandle PBS as well as curriculum guided videos that will be made available to teachers in the classroom.

Friends of Texas Wild

U.S. Surplus and Supplies

Located in Florida, U.S. Surplus and Supplies has been providing us with field equipment that we love and depend on. Supplies used include our shemghs, Led Lenser H14.2 headlamps, equipment cases, field gear and more. Feel free to check them our at their facebook page and ask us any questions about the gear we use!

Pharrs Rv

Filming a wildlife TV series requires an excessive amount of camera equipment and demands long periods of time in the field. Thanks to Pharrs RV in Lubbock for being part of our excursions across the great state of Texas and for their great service!


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