What’s love have to do with geology?

You know what last longer than true love?


Listen, I’m excited that you found your soul mate, however,  I don’t want to see the name of you and your soul mate carved into the walls of my park.
My feelings are not those of a bitter, single lady nor do I support artistic oppression. Quite the contrary.


Tagging in Palo Duro Canyon State Park this past valentine's day

I just want the few places set aside for the purpose of minimizing human presence to serve that purpose.  Places like Palo Duro Canyon State Park are here for you and me to enjoy. When we venture into these places we do indeed intrude and leave our fingerprints in the form of tire tracks, litter and we shatter the calm with our often loud voices. If anything,  we don’t need to add to this disruption. It’s all on the basis of asthetics. It took the canyons eons to become what we see now. I would like to view land formations as they are, not what they look like with your tagging. On the basis of preserving natural asthetics,  go tag something else like your car, books, your own skin or the walls of your house.

As a photographer, I go to National and State parks for the purpose of photographing the NATURAL landscapes and your graffiti is really putting a damper on that. Your hand scratched graffiti isn’t of DaVinci quality  either, not to bust your bubble.

I can’t help but feel the urge to perpetuate the rumors that chicken-straching your love one’s name into rock in a State or National park, especially on Valentines day, is the kiss of death for couples.  Why? Because geology outlasts love, baby. 

Whether your favorite actress (Vanessa Hudgens, I’m talking to you, boo boo) is doing it or you just thought your local State or National park is the perfect place to memorial your eternal love, refrain. If you find yourself unable to exercise impulse control, in the very least keep this in mind – while your in the process of completely mudding up the natural asthetics of the landscape, the punishment for such an act can result in heavy fines and jail time.

Recently, many posts on Facebook  have shown couples venturing to Palo Duro Canyon State Park for the purpose of tagging their lover’s names into the canyon walls. I assume that most star-crossed lovers are unaware of the repercussions their actions, both short term and long term. For those of you love birds who didn’t know this, consider this your public service announcement.

– Jessie

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