Wildlife as art

We are very excited to announce that our “Characters of the Lone Star State ” photography and video exhibit in the Cornette Library was well received.

We are honored to be invited back for an encore. The exhibit, which first displayed in January, will come down today but will be back on display March 31st through new student orientations over the summer!  We’ll spice things up this next time with new videos so come on back!


Ray and I would like to thank everyone who has supported our work. We have been overwhelmed by the compliments, press and the turn out for the reception.

Special thanks to Zip Prints for their professional service, advice, patience and ability to make-it-happen-last-minute because Ray and I forgot something.


Big thanks goes out to Buffs Haley Matlack, Keli Lee and Ray for their help at the reception.


A heartfelt thanks to my parents (J and D Story) for coming to Ray’s rescue for the hanging of the art in my absence. I had a panty hose failure that lead to a wardrobe change and thus a late arrival (no one said being long-legged was easy).

Thanks is also given to Frank Garcia from WTAMU’s Informational Technology for making the electronics run without a glitch.

Last but not least, Mary Jarvis, Friends of the Cornette Library, Rana Mcdonald, WTTV,  Niaola Hopkins of The Canyon News, all of the WT faculty and students who came to the exhibit and our supporters from our community.

We will continue to push the envelope  of wildlife education. Art is just another medium through which wildlife can be understood and appreciated!

– Jessie & Ray




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