Sickeningly sweet

For those of you who have voiced opinions about Ray and I starting an amateur food segment, today is your lucky day! We are going to start highlighting some of our favorite eats and eateries from across the state!

We begin with this raspberry dribbled cheesecake from Bassano’s Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria in Bastrop Texas.  Bassano’s is the place for pizza and Italian food. We frequent Bassano’s  when we’re in town and they never disappoint. Our usual is to order a large pizza, devour 2 baskets of homemade rolls, and call it quits. On this night, Ray and I visited the restaurant after disinfecting ourselves following an event almost too difficult to discuss publicly.


This cheesecake is receiving honorable mention for its taste and for the story behind the slice.

Just hours before the happy times at Bossano’s, while flushing the sewer line of our camper, a clog and a miscalculation of the speed at which waste and water can move, lead to both Ray and I partaking in the “shower of sadness.” The bright side? It’s our own sewer line.  Believe us, it matters. (We have this all on video unfortunately.)

After the event, we washed off the waste and what was left of our pride went for pizza, cheesecake and coffee.  In a month’s time, we will be heading back to Bastrop for a week and are very excited to dine at Bassano’s. This trip will present opportunity to highlight a few of our other Bastrop favorites.

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