As a professor of Wildlife Biology, I have no experience or training in music but I know quality when I see and hear it and I’d like to take a few minutes to introduce you to Lucius.  Jessie and I discovered Lucius on NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert video series and we have binge-watched just about everything we can find of theirs on the internet (check out their Tiny Desk Concert here:

 I’m a fan of percussion and harmony and of live performances and Lucius won me over with just a few songs.   Lucius isn’t your copy-cat band, they do things their own way and it works. 

The basic setup of Lucius is with the two lovely ladies that founded the band front and center on vocals, keyboards, and percussion.  The ladies located the perfect cast of characters to complete the band and the three guys round things out, one plays guitar and drums (at the same time in some cases), you have the mad drummer of course, and another plays guitar and keyboard.  You won’t miss Lucius, their attention to detail ensures that the women’s wardrobes match and so do the guys. 

My lack of any training in music makes qualifying Lucius’ sound a bit challenging for me.  I am drawn to the perfection that is the combination of the women’s voices.  For Lucius’ style of music, you get two lead singers and a wonderful depth to their combined vocals. They also use their vocals like an instrument during certain songs, adding a chanting rhythm.  Indicative of the importance they place on percussion, I have witnessed up to 4 of the 5 members drumming or otherwise keeping the beat simultaneously.

Want a real treat, watch this recording of one of my favorite songs, Wildewoman.  Here all members actually rotate, switching instruments and later switching back ( ; and the Mad Drummer appropriately rotates in place at one point, awesome.).  

Lucius is destined for success.  I’m confident in this not because I like their music, but because of observations I have made that are indicative of traits that lead to success.  First, Lucius is driven and takes, it appears, every opportunities to perform and have their music heard.  Second, they are creative, remaking their songs effortlessly for performance in different venues and following their own compass – they will have no problem creating new and wonderful music.  Third and by no means last, the folks that make up Lucius are very talented.  Don’t believe me, just keep listening,  you’ll be hearing them soon enough.  The other day their song “Turn it around” played during a Samsung commercial on YouTube.  Great choice for whoever is in charge of marketing at Samsung and congrats to Lucius.  Expect to see and hear more from Lucius.

Some of my favorite performances from Lucius are provided below:

Two of Us ( – an awesome, in-the-audience performance of a favorite of mine

Turn it Around ( – a hit no doubt but performed here in front of no one.  Great chanting, percussiony goodness here.

Born Again Teen ( – the only official video in my list of favorites but this may be because I haven’t seen it performed live.  Sorry Lucius, I like you best unrefined and unfiltered!  This born again teen loves this one.


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