Professionals don’t kill rattlesnakes

“Professionals don’t kill rattlesnakes, people who are afraid of snakes, kill rattlesnakes” has to be my favorite quote of the day and possible the best things I’ve ever heard leave Ray’s mouth.  I bet the quote, which was a response to the reporter asking “how do professionals kill rattlesnakes” doesn’t make it on the air.

This statement was made today during an interview for ABC ProNews 7.


The intervew was shot on location at the Cornette Library, where our Exhibit “Characters of the Lone Star State ” is currently on display.

The segment will focus on the common rattlesnake species found in Carson Co. (Prairie, diamondback, massasauga),
what to do should you encounter one or become envemomated by one.  It seems this warm weather has our scaly friends up enjoying the sun.


Forget the old wives tales and home remedies and take advice from a professional. Leave the snake alone and don’t try to kill a snake, this is the best way to get bit. Should you find yourself in the unfortunate position if being envenomated, leave the snake alone and get to a hospital.

5 thoughts on “Professionals don’t kill rattlesnakes

    • He was clearly and unapologetically trying to get me to cast blame on snakes. Not this guy. He had to listen to all the good stuff. Normal people (I call them Normies, these non-wildlife types) can sure disappoint. The local news stations tried to sensationalize bats and rabies in the fall when a few were found during migration. Skunks are the real rabies problem here but they didn’t cover that, but 3 bats out of millions(?) in the panhandle show up with rabies and it’s time to instill fear. We have much work to do!

      • Indeed! Thanks for this brilliant response. Keep it up, you two. I’m plugging you at my blog tomorrow…hope you don’t mind. 😀

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