Wild cam; Raccoons fighting on a bridge

For several nights we have placed our wild cams (game trail cameras) parallel to a bridge that is speckled with scat. We did not have to look hard to spot numerous animal tracks alongside the pond in the mud. It is not uncommon for wildlife to use roads, bridges, or trails for means of commute. These pathways used by wildlife, whether natural or man-made, are used by multiple species and act as highways for wildlife.

During the first few nights, our wild cams caught an Virginia opossum and a plethora of raccoons traversing across the bridge. With so many raccoons and limited bridge space, tensions run high and these feisty raccoons become quite temperamental. The pictures tell the story of a fight between two raccoons that ended quickly with the victor standing tall. The noise raccoons make when fighting is just brutal sounding! Fights are packed full with deafening squeals, high-pitched screams and snarls!

– Jessie Story






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