Listen to Texas Wild on “PM in the AM” radio show!

Recently, I, Jessie Story, was invited onto KWTS 91.1, West Texas A&M University’s very own radio station. I shed some light on my life as a full time 4.0 GPA graduate student and full time wildlife filmmaker.

Payton and Malcolm certainly make it easy to be yourself infront of the mics while providing plenty of laughs. Listen to the link below to hear a few stories from my days filming wildlife including getting wacked by a beaver while swimming with alligators, me dishing on Ray’s barefoot teaching theories and where I see the show in the future.

Listen in as one of the DJ’s, Payton, opens up about bats drinking from a
pool while he was swimming and his preference to not be near a snake, or see a snake, or look at a snake. . .

Payton Northrup and Malcolm Montgomery of PM in the AM wake you up at 7am and keep you glued to your radio until 9.

Visit, WTMobile app, or tune your FM dial to 91.1.

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