The support of a community!

It is always a pleasant surprise to drive through town and see members of our community supporting our efforts. For Ray and me, the support we receive is stunning.

People have been approaching us in public, at the grocery store, on campus and even at his house, to tell us what they think about our film efforts and to cheer us on. We cannot even begin to express what this means to us.

We started filming with the simple goal of fostering awareness and appreciation for wildlife.  The fact that so many of you keep up with our travels, lend your help when we are brokedown on the side of the road or as we experience let downs, is what keeps us going throughout this journey.  It is truly uplifting to receive such warm welcomes and support.

We have been seeing our stickers make apperances on cars, laptops, wheelchairs, personal mugs and even terrariums! Everytime we see our stickers or merchandise in public or on social media, we are pleasantly surprised and taken aback. We wanted to just stop and say thanks one more time.

Thanks guys,
Jessie and Ray

Here are some photos taken by and/or of our supporters.





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