A morning on the Canyon square


We are wildlife photographers by trade, however, we have been quietly experimenting with portrait photography on each other. This experimentation stems from our need to master the “people” side of film and photos. When we first began filming our series, our mindsets were on producing a show centered around wildlife. Little did we know, PBS would request that Ray and I be intertwined into the show. Since that day, we have spent our time trying to solve the mystery of how to film one another.

This Sunday morning was spent snapping pictures for about 30 minutes in the Canyon square. Centered around the courthouse, the square is surrounded by shops, boutiques, food and coffee. The square has an atmosphere that is one of welcome and of festivities. Sundays tend to be a day of quiet, so Ray and I went down to see what we could capture. All photos were taken by Ray, and I must say, a job done extremely well!

  • Jessie





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