Hoary Bat

Hoary Bat, Texas Wild, PBS, Bastrop State Park

The hoary bat is a foliage roosted bat found throughout Texas. Ray and I were lucky to catch a hoary bat while mist netting in a state park as part of a research project. These bats are quite a sight to see, one of the larger bats found in Texas, they stand out due to their looks. They have thick fur that blends browns and reds near the face with a white frosting overall. This white frosting gives the bats the appearance as though they are speckled with snow.

When distressed this bats emit a call that sounds like water being drip on a red hot skillet. Your thoughts?

– Jessie Story

2 thoughts on “Hoary Bat

  1. A few years back, we went to Bracken Cave in central Texas. I don’t know if you’ve ever been there, but it should be on every person’s bucket list. Twenty million bats is such an amazing to experience first hand. It’s a shame that many species are in trouble. http://wp.me/p28k6D-An

    PS — I love the elf owl footage linked to your Instagram, Jessie. Where was it taken? One of the parks?

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