Big Bend, we bid you adieu

Our moonlit nights in Big Bend National Park were spent meandering along the Rio Grande where bats swooped over our heads, curious western screech owls put on quite a show for our cameras and “stores” of handmade walking sticks and trinkets were left with money jars on the side of paths by residents from south of the border. We made a stop at the hot springs to wrap up a night of filming with a little night photography. There, we photographed three stone buildings that at one time served as motels and stores in the ghost town. A step into the doorway of the first building revealed a clusters of pallid bats in their night roost, hanging just above our heads. The inside walls of the buildings are decorated with faded, hand painted murals while the outside of the stone buildings are shaded from the moonlight by palm trees.  Together, the shade of palm trees, moonlight, night sounds and the warmth in the air created a ambiance that was reminiscent of “Hotel California.”

-Jessie Story

Hot Springs TX at night

Hot Springs TX at night

Hot Springs TX at night

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