Bringing awarness to turtles worldwide

Today is National Turtle Day, an important day that brings awareness to the conservation of turtles! My parents were never able to drive down any road without having to pull over so I could move a turtle off the road. Regrettable, most of the turtles that we pulled over for had been hit or were wounded. Turtles are an important part of our ecosystem and sometimes they need a helping hand. Be sure to watch the roads for our shelled friends and be sure to check your backyard to see if you have any taking up residence in your area.

Pictured below top to bottom is a Mud turtle and two box turtles. The box turtle at the bottom was filmed in my backyard just this week.  All shot with a Canon 5D Mark III, 180mm macro.

-Jessie Story

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Box Turtle

One thought on “Bringing awarness to turtles worldwide

  1. I admit it – I’m a turtle lover. From my boyhood pet turtle, my obsession with “helping” them across the road or out of my tractor’s path, to my son, “Turtle’s,” nickname, I deeply appreciate these fascinating creatures.

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