Camel Spiders mating

Going by a variety of names such as sun spiders, wind scorpions, wind spiders and jerrymanders, camel spiders are found in arid parts of the United States. Many people have not seen these arachnids and it is easy to come away  puzzled from your first encounter with a camel spider.  While these animals are strange in appearance, stranger yet, is their mating habits. In the video you will see a male inserting sperm into the female with his jaws using a chewing motion. Their jaws can be quite intimidating however, rest assured these arachnids are not venomous and bite only if handled.

-Jessie Story

How did your encounter with camel spider go?

One thought on “Camel Spiders mating

  1. I would definitely like to see more on camel spiders myself. My cousin who was stationed oversees said he saw these as big as dinner plates so I would like to know which animal is the real deal. Thanks for sharing.

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