Expanding our territory

We have been filming wildlife for several years now and can tell you that being a self-taught and self-made wildlife photographer and cinematographer hasn’t been an easy path. The passion that Ray and I both have for wildlife has offset the endless work and demands that accompany one as they attempt to launch a new life as a photographer and cinematographer. Ray and I are extremely thankful for the support that our followers have given us. Thanks to the growing support of our endeavors Texas Wild will now be aired on many other PBS stations throughout Texas. We are excited to be a part of KEDT Corpus Chirsti as well as KAMU College Station. Thanks for watching!

-Jessie Story

Bastrop State Park, Texas Wild, PBS, Texas, Wildlife photography

Copperhead shot with a Canon 5D Mark III with a 180mm lens and a 20mm extension tube. Bastrop State Park, 2015.

3 thoughts on “Expanding our territory

  1. I hope to see this aired on Houston PBS. Great footage thus far, and I’m sure what I’ve seen here in the span of a few minutes doesn’t even etch thr surface. Texas is an incredibly wild and beautiful place for those who care to pay attention. Looking forward to future posts on WP; thank you for what you do.

    • Shannon, thanks so much for checking us out. You can see more video on Panhandle PBS’s web and on YouTube. Check out the “Watch It Wild” tab for much more. Love your DirtNKids idea. If my mother hadn’t let me get dirty I think my life would have turned out much differently.

      • I found you under the WP birding tag. I like to cruise ‘nature’ too, but there’s too much a hodge podge. Every so often I find real nature gems — like yours appears to be. As for DirtNKids, it’s how we roll! We spend days exploring and discovering. You’ll find no shortage of nature there; it’s my home away from home, when I’m not out getting dirty. Here’s to honing more nature types. 😀

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