A taste of things to come

Here’s a quick video we put together with footage from our up-coming series about the behaviors of eastern hog-nosed snakes and copperheads. Ray and I think you’ll get kick out of it!

3 thoughts on “A taste of things to come

  1. When I was stationed at the Pentagon, our teenage daughter flew back from a trip to Lubbock with a hog nosed snake (named Toby) in her purse. It was a pet until I was reassigned to Germany. The nature center at our neighboring state park became its new home. I have slightly different memories of an aggressive copperhead in the Appalachians.
    Good short video. I enjoy your spots on PBS and would like to see a full program.

    • Thanks George! We are getting closer to our series all the time. Until then, we will have video airing on PBS’s “Live Here” next month and new station breaks are on the way!

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