Texas Wild Gives Thanks

It’s hard to believe that with such a heavy work load, I manage everything on my plate. I am proud to say that I, alongside Professor Raymond Matlack, was asked to present at this month’s Student Service Division breakfast —— to showcase our work with Texas Wild. It was a bigger turn out than I expected – with welcoming personalities adding up to an overall delightful experience.  To be asked to be a part of an event like that for our university is in my book, BIG, very BIG.  Most people don’t know or forget that I am still an undergrad, just someone who has worked themselves to the bone (as well as Raymond Matlack) to have something to call my own. To be recognized alongside Raymond Matlack, a WT professor is something I cannot let go unnoticed. It is a rarity to be recognized by an organization such as that one, let along asked to present as a student.  I would like to extend my deepest appreciation to Linda Washington and the Student Service Division who not only welcome me but gave me their morning.  Working with Ray has been an indescribable experience one I do not under appreciate or take for granted.  I recently had a young lady come up to me at WT and speak with me about Texas Wild’s on goings and the presentation we gave. I was dumbfounded and flattered to be approached by   anyone who recognizes our work and follows our doings.  Special thanks to all of you for supporting and aiding Ray and I along our way.

Thank you,

Texas Wild.

One thought on “Texas Wild Gives Thanks

  1. Jesse and Ray – the presentation you gave to the Division of Student Affairs was wonderful – it let everyone realize the work that the two of you have been doing and what pride you bring to the University. I heard many positive comments about your presentation. We didn’t have a lot of time to give you two but you gave a lot of good information and ways for everyone to follow your adventures. What an excellent teaching tool for young and old alike! Keep up the great work!!

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