Moose gone montage…Rocky Mountain National Park. CO

Putting together video to show my class and thought I would share.  This footage was taken in late May or early June on the west side of Rocky Mountain National Park.  If you want to see moose just hang out on the west side and look for the dark spots out in the willows.  The west side of the park is more mesic (gets more rain), far less busy, looks completely different, and you have lots of moose and plenty of elk depending on your timing.  Of course getting across Trail Ridge Road from east to west is iffy through early June because of road conditions above timberline.  Hope you enjoy the montage.


  • • Occurs in boreal forests throughout the northern hemisphere (circumpolar)
  • • Largest member of the deer family
  • • Males: 360-600 kg (1325 lbs.); Females: 270-400kg (880 lbs.)
  • • Diet similar to other deer; high in woody and aquatic vegetation
  • • Reproduction
  • • Breeding season in September/October
  • • 8 month gestation
  • • 1 (most common) to 2 young
  • • Antlers – large palmate antlers in males

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