Larvae Under The Hydraulic Press

Back Office

My desk decoration at Texas Wild’s office has now become a glass casserole dish that houses two Ant Lion larvae.  The Ant Lion is going to be featured in our upcoming interstitial on PBS, but oddly I am excited about having a small world placed in the middle of my yellow wood coffee table. During recent times, office struggles and heavy work loads can be a burden to the spirit, sometimes making my enjoyment of projects short-lived. Some days, it appears as though a  weight is slowly being pressed down, like the ceiling  has become a hydraulic press, pulling itself down further and further creeping towards the floor, desperately trying to reach the rooms only occupant, me. Oddly,  watching the burrows of the Ant Lion larvae are somewhat tranquil.Serving momentary, as a reversal switch for the hydraulic press above. A reminder that everything has its place, a tiny larvae buried  deep under the sand.

Jessie Story

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