A day in the life: Jessie

It has been a very productive week in the office, at least for me it has. The week kicked off with sheer panic to finish deadlines and to place orders that were need yesterday.  Many people are currently playing musical offices with recent changes in our large lab. A new project is in good hands and underway, and a new grant has come our way. Money and research is all this assistant knows.  Meanwhile back at the Texas Wild office things are in full swing. In my dead time (yes finally I had some) I decided to buy several plants for décor both inside and outside of the office.  I did so without asking the other employees of any allergy histories. The plants look good and seemed to be office favorites.  The petting zoo that is our office has expanded in population from last week. We now are accompanied by yet another opossum, Henry II as we like to call him. Henry the first is still MIA. I personally feel that Henry 1st has hit the road, at some point making a great escape out the back door to the garden. Henry II managed to bust out of his cage and roam the same corridors that Henry 1st once did late at night.  Four traps and a can of sardines later Henry II was soon in custody.  At this point, I would like to say, I love the smell of opossum in the morning, the lingering stench of sardines smells like victory.

Due to the large population of animals we have in our office it is a nature progression for the neighborhood kids to view our office as a source of daily entertainment.  Numerous kids fall upon our office to enjoy candy, critters, tales of escaped opossums and the occasional ice cream. The opportunity to educate these kids is not lost upon me. Just yesterday I taught a girl who had urine from one of our toads on her hand to high five Sparky, Sparky being an employee who was trying to enjoy his dinner.  Another grand opportunity presented itself to me when I was given a red stretchy “friendship bracelet.” I accepted the gift, which now made us sisters, and then proceeded to teach this earthling the ways of my people. I showed her how to make an Eiffel tower out of the band which she thought was way cool, but not nearly as cool as holding the Eiffel tower then releasing it upon other people’s unsuspecting forearms. The kids really seem to enjoy their weekly educational sessions with me.

One thought on “A day in the life: Jessie

  1. Jessie,
    You must be an amazing young lady to both put up with and keep up with Dr. M.
    Keep up the good work and enjoyable blog.

    George (an old guy who wouldn’t attempt to keep up with you two)

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