Henry II, Woodhouse Toads and Other Educational Opporitunites

Educational opportunities have come in droves to the Texas Wild office. Being a part of Texas Wild has its perks such as getting to travel to River Road Middle School to do outreach for the day. The students enjoyed seeing and handling a Great Plains Rat Snake and a Hognose Snake. We also showed them Henry II (our second opossum), a Woodhouse toad (used to show a predator and prey relationship between toads and Hognose snakes), Tiger salamanders in the adult stage and aquatic stage (thanks Jim Ray), Black Widows, Brown Recluses, and a centipede. Each group of students seemed to have a crowd favorite, the students were thrilled to get to learn and interact with all of the animals. Each class brought tons of energy into the room as well as  Henry II with his  drool and fecal matter display!  We enjoyed seeing all the kids, especially we loved seeing how excited they were. The students at River Road are very sharp kids; they couldn’t have been more respectful of us, our time and our animals. They had a ton of good stories to share as well as great questions. Getting to interact with students likes these, helps us appreciate the opportunity we have been given, a job that allows us to combine both of our loves, film and wildlife. Many students were interested in our place of work, WTAMU, focusing their questions on how to attend WT, and whether opportunities such as the ones Ray Matlack and I have, are available to them. The answer being yes, conservation, education and progression into the Wildlife field await students’ at WT and students like those at RRIS make WT and a successful program like the Wildlife program possible. Thanks guys for having us out and giving us your time, we hope to return soon.

-Jessie Storyee RR (2)

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