Chickpeas & Coffee: Texas Wild Style


It’s a great day here in the home office of Texas Wild. Fall breeze is coming in through the windows; the day so far has consisted of roasted chickpeas, hot tea in mason jars and long coffee breaks in the garden.  Coffee breaks in the garden area are common; some form of wildlife always turns up in the garden which has hosted almost 70 species of birds.  There is also an abundance of life found by the pond and in and out of the native scrubs and grasses found throughout garden turning it into a wildlife haven.  The garden is the hotspot for late night breaks from editing to forage for crickets used to feed the seven tiger salamanders we are filming through their metamorphosis. The salamanders share the office with not only each other but with Henry and several other animals being featured in our series.

“Henry the opossum” is one of many animals that hold claim to the office, Henry as of late has taken it upon himself to be a free roamer, and has done so throughout the office for the past 3 days. Henry’s existence is verified by the amount of food left over in his bowl the next morning and the displacement of objects I find when I return to the office the next day.

Pseudo scorpions, black widows, a Great Plains rat snake, a western hognose snake and a brown recluse are also in the office, which is why I am so excited to come to work in the morning. As a co-founder of Texas Wild, I enjoy the fact that the office could double as a petting zoo on most nights depending on what has been brought in or has crawled through the door.

Our submission to Wild to Inspire, the upcoming National Geographic film competition is well underway as well as our series Texas Wild to be featured on PBS.  This weekend we received our budget for the series, an event that was more than inspiring.  Words cannot describe how it feels to see your hard work come together. We worked for over a year chasing this dream.

It is unfathomable that a year’s worth of work, tears and sweat can simply be summed up in a 10 sec introduction. That introduction was the beginning score for our PBS series Texas Wild. When I viewed our opening introduction to our series in the PBS office, and I could not help but realize that the introduction summarized the year and half hard effort we put in chasing our dream.

Despite the long road ahead of us, we have worked to achieve so much and have surpassed so many obstacles and opinions of others, our confidence is now, dare I say, solid? Texas Wild is growing each day as new equipment and collaboration with outside sources work into our lives. We are looking forward to what lays ahead, including the premier of our series, new film locations and any setbacks, all of which will be handled with confidence and perseverance, Texas Wild style.


– Jessie Story

4 thoughts on “Chickpeas & Coffee: Texas Wild Style

  1. I’m so glad to hear that all the hard work you guys do is coming to fruition. If it was easy everyone would be doing it, I’m glad I’ll get to see the upcoming special. Thanks for all you do guys!

  2. Thank you for sharing the wonderful talents and adventures y’all have! I look forward to the PBS special. Exciting news about the National Geographic competition!

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