It ain’t easy being Jessie!

“It ain’t easy being Jessie”, is a tribute to my partner in film making, Jessie Story.  We enjoy the best working relationship but it tents toward more of a sibling like relationship at times and especially when we are tired (which is always).

The main clip will show me hitting Jessie IN THE FACE!  Watch and tell me if it wasn’t in self defense.  The whole incident took place as we were preparing to leave town for a field trip and she wanted a smoothie.  Jessie’s main concern in the airing of this clip is for me to make the record straight; she lands more punches by far then I do, I just got this one on video.  She is also proud to state that she has kicked me in the chin and I have come just short of kidney damage from many nicely aimed and delivered sucker punches.

Also in this video, Jessie, catches an American alligator by hand (and it is pretty large) then trips on its tail, she models the alligator, she shares an emotional connection with a porcupine, she gets pelted with hail and she has to let a toad go, but only under protest.

It ain’t easy being Jessie, she works long hours and is fearless and hardworking in the field.  Above all, she is hilarious and a blast to work with.  But if it isn’t easy being Jessie, it is down right tough being Ray!

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