Green eating machine

Female Praying Mantis

Female mantis Randall County Texas Aug 31 2013

I wanted to get this posted so information will have to follow.  This female praying mantis was hanging out in the back yard today and we couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful model.


4 thoughts on “Green eating machine

  1. I had one in my backyard yesterday, too. Laying upside down on a lavender plant. I thought it was dead as I’d never seen one do that before. Slight touch and it turned over and began the sway (sounds like a dance move). Is that typical behavior? Oh and the picture is wonderful!!!

    • I haven’t seen them lay upside down before but have seen them away side-to-side. The swaying may be defensive. Jessie observed that the “teeth”, for lack of the correct term, on the fore limbs are black and white. You see this color pattern in skunks and on porcupine quills and it’s function is likely for warning away potential predators. We’re her fore limbs raised when she swayed?

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