Pockets Full of Mice

Not much is known about these rodents equipped with fur pockets alongside their mouths.   Mating behaviors of  the pocket mouse species are still a mystery and research into this area is ongoing. They are solitary and nocturnal, as you can see in this video shot at Caprock Canyon State Park, they prefer to forage and move about at night, running through the grass they often look like bits of popcorn strapped to a rocket. Of all the species of pocket mice, two well known species are the Plains Pocket Mouse and the Silky Pocket Mouse. Texas Wild did not take the weight and measurements of this pocket mouse on the night of filming, so narrowing down to a  exact species type is not possible. We interrupted this particular mouse while it was out foraging on seeds and grasses, seeds being its primary food source. We always enjoy filming these animals, they are easy on the eyes and surprising with their movements.

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