Comb-footed Spider

Steatoda triangulosa, a member of the family Theridiidae is common in basements, households and many other dusty corners. Members of the Family Theridiidae are also known as the comb footed spiders. The term comb footed, is due to a row of bristles that are located on the fourth leg tarsus of the species found in Theridiidae, These bristle formed in a row, are used to comb silk from its spinnerets. Within the same family one can find other spiders such as the much feared widows. Though these common cobweb spiders share many characteristics similar to the widows, they are not considered dangerous. The dorsal side of the opisthosoma of these spiders are commonly marked with light white to orange triangles markings. Steatoda triangulosa strings together webs for catching an array of prey. The webs characteristic of the Theridiidae spiders are most often described as being “irregular.” The web is anchored to nearby substrates with sticky lines. When these lines are disturbed the lines release, pulling back into the web, simultaneously carrying the prey with it. Once prey is captured in its web, this comb footed spider will comb silk from its spinnerets to encase its capture.

– Jessie Story

2 thoughts on “Comb-footed Spider

  1. I appreciate the short discussion of the subject. Very informative. Good video.
    I trust you don’t mind my sharing some of your posts.

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