A competition for suckers!!!

Well, we have hit, what is for us, perhaps an all time low.  We have to spend a lot of time in the field to get decent video and some times boredom sets in.  This time we decided a competition was in order and I, Ray, unfortunately – fortunately in normal people speak – lost the competition.  This video is not for the squeamish. Watch at your own risk but rest assured that no animals, other than these film-makers, were hurt during the filming of this video.  Share your experiences and feelings with us via comments!

4 thoughts on “A competition for suckers!!!

  1. A missed teachable moment. You might have:
    1. Explained what you could have done to minimize tick attacks
    2. Demonstrated proper tick removal
    3. Discussed your procedures to insure no ticks were transferred to or transported on clothing, camping equipment, etc.

    Sorry. I guess there is still a little teacher left in this old bod.

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