Bears and bighorn in a national grassland!

Just over 3 hours away from Amarillo and we saw black bears and bighorn sheep in one of our new favorite spots, the Comanche National Grasslands of southeast Colorado. The bear was very blonde and we caught it feeding in some silage a rancher had out for cattle. It was quick to flee so no usable video but it was impressive how fast the bear climbed the canyon wall. In the same area (cottonwood canyon) we saw a herd of about 25 bighorn comprised mostly of ewes and lambs but 3 rams were in the herd. This time of year a ewe was apparently in charge and moved the herd. The bighorn were not very concerned with our presence and we got to film them from relatively close (15-20 yards in many cases). We’ll post some footage when we get a chance.

To get to the area, follow the signs for Carrizo Canyon out of Campo, CO or take county road M west out of Campo (J works also and is signed but turn north to M following the signs for the Carrizo auto tour). You will see a sign for the Carrizo picnic area and this is worth a look too. Rim rock, riparian vegetation, and water can be found here. To get to cottonwood canyon stay on CR M until it is no longer as straight as an arrow and you are there. Stay left and keep an eye open along the canyon walls for bighorn, white-tailed and mule deer, elk and wild turkeys. It is beautiful country and we will be back to explore.

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