A lot of bull….snake


We met this bull snake in open shortgrass prairie in southeast Colorado a week or so ago.  He was very amicable to the filming process, even crawling over the camera several times.  this was filmed at night using an attached led light panel.  Bull snakes are constrictors that feed on mammals and birds as adults and grow to around 6 feet long.  They are common in a much of the central United States and range north into Canada and south into northern Mexico.  Usually they are hard to approach without triggering their defensive behavior.  This individual had no problem with us being around and just went about its business.

One thought on “A lot of bull….snake

  1. Good steady hand while you were walking and shooting. Clear and sharp. September 2010, my wife and I came across a Bull Snake on one of the greens at the Lake Tanglewood Golf Course. I had my camera with me and it let me lay down nose to nose to take a couple of photographs. I think we disturbed its nap.

    Keep the posts coming.

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