Cliff Swallow at Grand Lakes, Co.

These are beautiful birds, most people do not get a good look at. Most people instead spend their time driving over them. Cliff Swallows  have an interesting history especially in regards to their breeding grounds, which have expanded with mans urbanization of land from rocky cliff sides with overhangs to more abundant man made structures such as buildings and bridges. These bad boys were filmed under a park bridge just outside of Grand Lakes Co. A “fun fact” that is not to be past up is the recent changes in wing span of these birds over the past thirty years. Researcher believe the change in the shortening of wing length is largely in response to close living with fast moving vehicle on highways overpasses.  Studies have shown a decrease of wing span in the Cliff Swallow population as a whole, and a large percentage of road killed Cliff Swallows studied revealed longer wing span than others in the colony. Secondary reasons for decrease wings spans concerns issues regarding insects and the capture of  insect prey.

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