Southern Plains Montage: our first “long” film

The following video is a compilation of some of the footage we have captured in the last 9 or 10 months.  I am almost to the 1 year mark in my wildlife videography and I think I am making progress.  Special thanks and acknowledgement is necessary for the work that Jessie Story put in on this montage.  She is my partner in film making and has an amazing eye, is dedicated to advancing our skills, and is quite a taskmaster.  Further, West Texas A&M University supports my efforts and special thanks go to Dr. Angela Spaulding, Dean of Graduate School and Research, for her support, insight, and ideas. Also, Melissa Sabin put in a lot of time in cold photo blinds, in the field, and helps on almost all aspects of my projects and deserves a big thank you for her help and support.

We want everyone to be able to see the wonders that we are fortunate enough to see on a regular basis and I hope you enjoy what we have put together.  The video starts with clips that set the scene including some weather shots, landscape, agriculture and wind energy.  Wildlife follows and starts with mammals, then reptiles and amphibians, and it wraps up with birds.  Comments and suggestions are appreciated.

Please watch full screen and turn up the volume.  Be warned, it is large (full 1080p HD)

8 thoughts on “Southern Plains Montage: our first “long” film

  1. Very cool clip Ray. I can only imagine the hours of video you have that didn’t make this clip. Pretty cool job you got there!

  2. EXCELLENT!!! Great job – I love starting my day with your latest project or adventure. The photography is wonderful! Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing your passion with everyone!

  3. Max (the Cat) gives it 2 Paws Up. He watched from start to finish. Real good clips, great variety and some beautiful shots. Several familiar locations. I am looking forward to your second installment.

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