Shallow water and sheer joy

I spent Christmas day filming manatee at Blue Springs State Park and rang in the New Year with fireworks over the water and the remains of a dead sea turtle floating in the mangroves while paddling a canoe off Fiesta Key.  This video is some “me time” I got while the students spent their “me time” getting cultured and visiting Ernest Hemingway’s home in Key West.  I have removed all cursing worse than “damn” but some maniacal laughter remains.  While scary, I think this may just be the sound of pure joy.  Sadly, I wasn’t talking to the camera, this is the normal “alone” Ray.  Imagine if you could hear my thoughts!  Fishing is in my blood again.  In this order, the fish I lose here are barracuda, snook, and many tarpon. A nice sting ray makes an appearance at the end.  I did catch many barracuda, some jack, black grouper, mangrove snapper, a monster red fish that towed a canoe with me and 2 students, and others during just a few hours of fishing.  And the big red and most of the rest came on top water!  I love top water fishing.

4 thoughts on “Shallow water and sheer joy

    • It was a grueling 3-week work trip through Florida, I hope to get videos and stories up as soon as I recover….from having to come back to reality! This Florida boy saw things missed and things new. Kayaking with American crocodiles and sharks was priceless. And students will get to go with me next winter.

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