Woods of the Apache and a marsh of my dreams

Bosque del Apache is an amazing place anytime of year. The first of November brings brilliant fall colors, cranes and geese. This place is not just a wetland, it is a wooded riparian corridor-wetland complex nestled between desert mountain ranges. Here you see amazing animals against a spectacular landscape. Flocks of white snow geese stand out in low light against steel gray mountains. Gray cranes glide single file, often in straight horizontal lines, in front of brilliant gold cottonwoods.

As usual, I tried but failed to capture all the beauty of a wonderful place in pictures, audio, and video. This doesn’t discourage me. I get a little better each time I go out and I’m well aware that I will never be able to capture all that I see and hear. Below are a few more photographs and a video montage that’s about three minutes or so long. The video was reduced to 720 P but the quality still seems to be good. I hope you like it; I have a lot of pictures, video and audio from the trip that I’ll use in my classes and getting this material was a blast.  Sharing my love of all things wild with you is icing on the cake.  To see and hear all I failed to capture, you simply have to get outside yourself!

3 thoughts on “Woods of the Apache and a marsh of my dreams

  1. Dr. Matlack, you have done it again! I can’t turn my computer on without Max (cat) jumping on my desk and parking in front of the monitor to watch your videos. Keep them coming. My wife, Max and I enjoy them.

    Two of my photography friends and I are going to Bosque the weekend after Thanksgiving. I hope the weather will be as good as for your trip.

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