I need your input!

Please let me know which photo you like best.  These are all photographs captured with a GoPro2 camera mounted on a Kestrel nest box containing 4 young.  Thanks to Jimmy Walker for allowing me to video tape these animals.

kestrel male with snake

Number 1,  kestrel  with snake approaching nest box.

kestrel male with snake

Number 2, Kestrel male with snake at nest cavity

kestrel male with mouse

Number 3, Kestrel male with mouse

kestrel male with snake

Number 4, Kestrel with snake approaching nest box.

Please reply via comment.  I can’t get the poll tool to work but will work on that for nest time!

20 thoughts on “I need your input!

  1. #2 shows the best head shot, especially the eyes and stare. Overall, however I like #4. In #4 you have also captured the eyes and stare, plus the wings are in a much more appealing position. #4 also tells a more complete story: Dinner in hand, wings extended and ready for landing, eyes focused on cavity (final touchdown and home/younguns). All IMO of course.

  2. #4 is a great shot for all the reasons listed above. #3 however, although lacking a good eye shot and wing/tail pattern, seems to capture a hover position. I find the the shape, size and presentation of the prey interesting in this shot.

  3. I really like #2. U get to see the coloration of the animal up close and in great detail. Thanks For sharing!

    • Mark – Your guess on the snake is as good as mine. That is certainly a legit gues. One of the snakes is clearly a ground snake but this one never shows a good look at a diagnostic characteristic. Thanks to all for the feedback! You make blogging fun!

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