It’s time for a quiz, I hope you’ve studied!

This critter (the large one walking in the cave) was present while we were recording a bat emergence as part of a research project.  We were in Government Canyon State Natural Area near San Antonio, Texas.  Please post your answers as comments!!  I’ll give the answer after a couple of days.  This is an ungraded quiz so please take a shot.  If this gets adequate response I will make this a common part of my blog.  I’m off for the Wichita Mountains to camp tonight then another cave and recording tomorrow night.  I have it so rough.

15 thoughts on “It’s time for a quiz, I hope you’ve studied!

  1. I just read your introduction. Your time in the Army (particularly jumping out of good airplanes) explains a lot. I am retired AF and flew C-141As during part of my career. I flew several airdrop missions with different Army units.

    • Great to hear from you. You may have been one of the pilots that scared the crap out of me by flying nap-of-the earth right before a jump! Didn’t think they were going to gain altitude or slow down enough before the doors opened!

      But now you have to tell what this explains about me???

      • 1. My last C-141 flight was 1/80. Disaster relief to an atoll (Majuro) in the Pacific.
        2. The flight profile you mentioned brings back memories.
        3. High energy and handling snakes and petting alligators. Most folks don’t handle snakes, pet gators or jump out of good airplanes.
        4. Airdrop, formation and low level were fun flying in a big airplane.

  2. At first I thought a Ring-tailled Cat. The tail is too short in the video, unless it doesn’t generate enough heat to be detected by the camera.

    • I like the way you think. No comment on your answer but you are astute to think about the way the thermal camera picks up images!

  3. I think quizzes like this are a cool idea! The head shape, the way it held its front left hand curved when it faced the camera, slow gait, and how its outline was broken up by what looked long hairs… leads me to guess PORCUPINE.

  4. i’ll refrain from answering based on that would be an unfair advantage. please send a clip when you can….the more the better. would like to post on our website (with credits and links to your blog of course)

  5. Absolutely a Porcupine… the head shape and tail give it away, but look closely and you can see the quills.. 🙂

  6. After reading the experts’ replies, I looked up some of my recent porcupine photos (all in a tree). There are some strong similarities between the porcupine in my photos and the IR image. I guess Dr. Matlack is a good instructor. Obviously, I am not one of his students.

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