Enveloped in a tornado of free-tailed bats

Bats, guano, bat flies and other parasites, I love them all. Where you find these luxury items, you also find bats. And if the quano smells right, you probably have found a large number of Brazilian free-tailed bats. I sit now listening to the wind of their wings. There is just enough light in the sky to see them still exiting their cave but the wind, which sounds almost like a stream, is my favorite part. It reminds me of the way Aldo Leopold would recount descriptions of the sounds of passenger pigeons, a living wind. They have been streaming out strongly for the last hour and show little sign of slowing down. I filmed from right in front of the entrance and was encased in a whirlwind of bats, getting nicked by a wing here and there. What an amazing experience. Two more roosts to go this week. Too bad we will drive about 1,600 miles to see all three! 

On top of all of this we saw great birds today. More to come later in the trip. 

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