Bull snakes kisses and lots of hisses

Bull snake kisses and lots of hisses

I love bull snakes.  They have so much charisma and are so stereotypical in their behavior.  This individual was no exception.  I hope you like this video, it is more comical that much of what I post.  I captured the video on a head-mounted GoPro2 while taking pictures and video with my DSLR.  So this is a bit of a behind-the-scenes look at me capturing images of these beautiful creatures in the field.  Click on the link above to see a video of this snake that obviously holds me in high regard.

3 thoughts on “Bull snakes kisses and lots of hisses

  1. Aww man! you found bullsnake without me? I have come across a couple smashed in the road. But like you said, they are difficult to find. I love Pituophis, awesome snakes, that get huge! Great video on handling them as well. You are a snake-master. Too bad he didn’t get ya right on the nose though, haha.

    • The goal is to not handle the snakes roughly and not get face bitten. I have way too many non-venomous snake bites to even count but have yet to take one in the face. Many close calls however!

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