I can’t get a date, I’ve tried Match, eHarmony, etc…

Turkey hen

I got a close-up of this hen in Palo Duro Canyon and I think we have the same barber!  In truth, this is attractive to the toms and I bet she has no problem getting dates. Hens are actually hard to photograph and video because they tend to be more wary than the love-struck toms (note my restraint in phrasing this) and they move fast almost all the time.  They are very different in appearance from the toms and like most animal species, the gender that invests the most in reproduction gets to be choosy.  Hens lay large clutches of eggs and do the brooding, much more expensive energetically than the contribution made by the toms.  Therefore, toms have to look good and the hens do not.  This is called sexual selection and is the factor responsible for sexual dimorphism (di = two, morph = forms) and is found in many animal species.  What an interesting world we live in.  Who gets to be choosy in humans?

3 thoughts on “I can’t get a date, I’ve tried Match, eHarmony, etc…

  1. Haha, I love your title for this because it is perfect for the hens expressive look! I was happy to read that most likely she has no problems with the lads really…. 🙂 Lovely shot!

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