Where the buffalo, er, bison roam.

If you haven’t been to Caprock Canyon State Park in a while, it’s time to get back there!  I have been on the trailways regularly over the last few years studying the colony of free-tailed bats that inhabits Clarity Tunnel, but given that this work occurs at night, have neglected to visit the park.  My how things have changed.  Not the magnificent scenery of course, but there is a wonderful new visitor’s center with a number of displays and lots of souvenirs.  As a biologist, I was most excited to see the bison out of their previously cramped quarters and now roaming free among the visitors.  What a sight to see bison wandering on the prairie again.  Remember, this is the Texas State Bison Herd, rescued by Goodnight.  Right now they are calving and it is a great time to go and see these magnificent animals.  There are many things to see in the park and the scenery is a great backdrop to any hike, camping, horseback riding, or, of course, wildlife viewing!  My hat is off to the Parks Division of Texas Parks and Wildlife for bringing the wild back into the park.  Afterall, is there a better place for people to go and interact with wildlife.  This brings up an important point, you do not want to “interact” with a bison.  I worked in and around bison for years and once had my butt kicked by a 2-year-old that was hand raised when her mother died.  All she wanted was to be scratched but she bounced me around like a rag doll.  Just think what a bison would do to you if it felt threatened or if you got between her and her calf.  Be respectful and keep your distance to ensure that others get to enjoy the wonderful sight of bison back on the prairie.

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