What went bump in the night…Angry pigs and more!

Feral pig sow PDCSP

My morning in the canyon alone was very eventful as usual.  At 4:00 a.m., the animals are out and about.  Also, moving about without the use of lights and by yourself keeps you stealthy (although I did slip in a ditch – hard to tell where you are going on a moonless night).  I saw a raccoon first of all, likely foraging along the creek.  Shortly there after, I heard pigs but couldn’t see them, even with the thermal camera.  I moved on and saw a heat signature but it looked like a rock.  I approached within about 8 meters and startled the heck out of a feral pig sow (in the photo above).  She didn’t know what I was and stood her ground, making some of the meanest sounds I have heard come from a pig.  I tried to move closer and she was gone in a flash.  Fortunately, her snarls and grunts were worse than her bite.  I sat down about 200 meters up-stream from where I saw her and decided to try a mouth call that sounds like an injured rabbit, and therefore, food for predators.  I let out three sets of calls, about a minute or two apart, scanning for predators in between calls.  I was surprised by a coyote that had approached from my left to within about 15 meters.  I barely got a glimpse of him and a quick photo on the FLIR before he winded me and was gone.  I made my way back to the truck and went to a new spot to try the call again.  I will try to post video from this successful effort later tonight!  I love being out alone in the dark.  I also picked up a painted bunting at the photo blind after sunrise.  I may have some pictures of him to post too.

2 thoughts on “What went bump in the night…Angry pigs and more!

    • In a way it is certainly exciting but at the same time it brings me peace. I have, since I can remember, always been in the outdoors. I hope this blog inspires others to get out and enjoy. Thanks for the comment!

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