3 for 2 isn’t bad when it comes to attracting coyotes.

I called coyotes from 2 locations this morning before light and had coyotes respond to each call in less than 5 minutes.  The first time I called, 1 coyote came in, on the second stop, 2 came in.  This video shows one of two coyotes that came in to a mouth call I was using to simulate the sounds of an injured rabbit.  This is like ringing a diner bell for many predators because they are looking for an easy meal.  The 2 coyotes split up and one went to my left (the one shown here) and one to my right.  The one on the left finally started barking at me and the one to my right howled in response.  I doubt they knew I was there because I was on an outcrop about 30 feet above them.  They just slowly walked away.  Any day you see and hear a coyote is better than an equivalent day in which you don’t!  Of course, I say this for just about any species.  In this footage, like in the feral pig picture I posted earlier, I have the FLIR set to show heat as black.  I generally have it set to show heat as red to detect an object but have found that identifying them is much easier when in the black mode.

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