Out on a limb…for love

I have been hunting, with my camera of course, a pair of golden-fronted woodpeckers, for several weeks.  These birds are about as ubiquitious as mesquite in Palo Duro Canyon and I even know where their nest cavity is located.  Despite this, they continue to ellude me.  Time in the field, however, almost always produces something of interest even if it isnt caught on camera.  In this case, I found a female prairie lizard on the side of a soap berry and started to photograph her.  Then I hit record and much to my delight, a male arrived and started to court her with push-up displays and some serious nudging.  In the video, the male is much smaller and in some parts of the video you can see the bright blue on his sides.  Get outdoors and take a child with you.  There is so much to see and hear and like I said, who knows what you will discover.

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