Dining deer up close and personal

This is another video from Palo Duro Canyon showing a white-tailed deer browsing on a hackberry tree.  Deer are more browsers than grazers, meaning they feed more on shrubs and forbs than on grasses.  The white-tailed deer is one of two species of deer found commonly in the canyon.  Mule deer are common, especially on the uplands early in the morning and later in the evening and the white-tailed deer are more common in the bottom.  However, there is a lot of overlap.  I hope you enjoy the video!

3 thoughts on “Dining deer up close and personal

    • I have better audio equipment coming in on Friday. I hope that will improve the quality of the audio. Now if I can just get everyone to stop their cars and trucks, ground all the airplanes, ban radios… Regardless, the quality should improve.

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