Stuck happens!

So far my blog has been about wildlife and that will continue to be the primary focus.  However, things often happen when you pursue wildlife that can range from comical to dangerous.  In this video, I was given a tour of Bastrop State Park in preparation for a research project on the effects of a catastrophic fire on mammals in the Park.  Mike Lloyd, State Fire Specialist for the Parks Division of Texas Parks and Wildlife and a friend of mine for 10 years was our tour guide.  Well, we managed to get stuck in the middle of no where.  I don’t worry about such things and Mike is a great person to get stuck with.  Not only does he not get upset, but he carries great snacks!  His truck was equipped with a winch so we expected to pull ourselves out in no time flat.  Well, the winch wouldn’t work despite us trying everything we could electronically to get it to work.  This certainly complicated matters but we gave it our best shot.  Special thanks to Mike for a great tour and his friendship over the years and also to Tricia in WT’s IT department for editing this video and adding the great soundtrack.

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