Let’s talk about…

Please feel free to comment and share your observations with me.  I would especially appreciate any opportunities to observe and photograph rare or interesting wildlife.  I know there are a lot of sharp eyes and ears out there and your guidance, access to property and support would be appreciated!  Keep following my blog, I have many more videos, photos and stories to share and will post as soon as I can get them formatted.  Of course, the call of the wild does tend to slow this process down a bit.  If you follow this blog, I’m sure you understand.  Thanks, Ray.

This video of an American kestrel, our smallest falcon, was taken using a GoPro2 camera.  These are great cameras and have a lot of utility in wildlife videography.  The video was origionally in full HD and the small and waterproof camera takes remarkably sharp video.

7 thoughts on “Let’s talk about…

  1. I love this perspective. And how you can see the hovering for which kestrels at known! Thanks for the posting.

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