Palo Duro Canyon State Park and South East Park in Canyon

I spent a few hours this afternoon in the canyon today. It was quite warm so the wildlife was pretty hunkered down. The wildlife viewing blind by the restaurant was fairly active with the usual species for this time of year and included: house finches, pine siskins, white-winged doves, northern cardinals. I also picked up a curve-billed thrasher and barn swallows near the entrance of the park.

We went to South East Park later in the evening and the place was packed. The brant that has been hanging around for a while was there with a group of Canada geese. There are still a few American wigeon around and the red-winged blackbirds are really setting up territories and females are gathering nesting materials. Male red-winged blackbirds establish territories and the better the territory, the more females a male can attract. The red epaulets the males display are used for male-male competition, not to attract females.

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