Woman Scientist Interview

We’re very ecstatic about a recent interview I did with Woman Scientist,  an initiative by Allison Lee which journeys women and their research within the scientific community.

The story of Texas Wild’s Jessie Story takes a peek inside my path to filming wildlife, shares some childhood inspirations and talks about battles faced getting Texas Wild off the ground.  If you have a moment, take a glance at the article and be sure to browse Woman Scientist’s webpage to turn onto other women in science and to nominate any you may know who deserve a mention!


If you build it, they will come.

Ray received some very exciting news this week. While on the road his son called to inform him that there is a family of grey foxes denning under his shed. For those of you who may not know, Ray takes great pride in his certified wildlife habitat (backyard). He spends countless hours tending to his native plants, admiring the wildlife living in the over grown corners of the yard and keeping track of the many species that call his yard a home or stop over.



Still on the road, Ray’s enthusiasm for his yard hasn’t faded. With no cameras at home for his son to use to photograph, we have already begun to plan out how to best film the foxes without disturbing them. This urgency grew even more yesterday, when Ray recieved word that fox pups were frolicking in the yard with a stuff teddy bear that Charlie,  Ray’s pound pup, left on the patio.  Consider mission “film frolicking foxes” in full effect.  We will be returning for a 48 hour period where we hope to catch a glimpse of these common urban faces to share with you.



Contributing for The Outbound

It’s with great pleasure and excitement that Ray and I announce that we are contributors to The Outbound, an outdoor community that encourages people to venture into nature. A diverse umbrella, this platform helps us reach more people with issues and topics centered around the outdoors and wildlife.

Our first article “The real life risk of wildlife through the lens of a wildlife biologist” was released earlier this month and contributes to a hot topic in the media as of late. We’d love to hear your thoughts on our first article and any topics you think should be on our radar for our upcoming articles! 


Texas Wild on the Daytripper, sort of!

The first program our friends at Panhandle PBS suggest we watch was the wildly popular Daytripper with host Chet Garner.  Chet and crew recently visited Caprock Canyons State Park,  our official home away from home, during the annual bison workup. 

We are excited to say that Chet and crew were so busy with Donald Beard, the bison workup and more that they didn’t get much time with the heard.  They kindly asked to use some of our footage from the park! 

Enjoy the full segment at a great park.  Look for our friend Donald Beard, head bison wrangler, the rest of our friends on the staff, and a short bit of our video we are proud to have used on the Daytripper.