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This blog details our adventures as wildlife photographers and filmmakers. Follow Jessie Story and I as we film our upcoming wildlife series on PBS!

This fuzzy beauty stole our hearts!

This beautiful female jumping spider (family Salticidae) was filmed using a Canon XA25 with a macro adapter. Being active hunters, salticids are generally hyper and speedy. However, this little lady had an exceptional amount of personality. We had a great time filming this girl’s quirky moves and endless curiosity.

Hoary Bat



Big news for Texas Wild!

Texas Wild received big news yesterday.  A grant we submitted in June was funded by the James A. Davidson Charity for more than $76,000!  We will be getting lots of cool stuff like an underwater housing for our Canon XA10 and we get to go CAMPER shopping! We are looking forward to shooting video for you guys on a new Canon C100 as well as enjoying several new lenses. Pics and videos will follow!Texas Wild Productions, Texas WIld, Matlack, Story

Release of the Texas State Bison Herd into Caprock Canyons State Park.


This gallery contains 10 photos.

Texas State Bison Herd was once kept in a small series of pastures, then over a 1000 acres of prairie. Today they roam over more than 10,000 acres at Caprock Canyon State Park. Special thanks to Superintendent Donald Beard and … Continue reading