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This blog details our adventures as wildlife photographers and filmmakers. Follow Jessie Story and I as we film our upcoming wildlife series on PBS!

Texas Wild has an air force!

Texas Wild has added a lot of new toys to our arsenal lately including one of our favorites, the Phantom II Quadcopter with H3-3D gimbal with a Hero 3 GoPro Black. The video was filmed with our chopper right out of the box without prior practice. We have been amazed at the precise control, smooth maneuverability and steady shots!

We also received an 8-15mm fisheye lens. We snapped this quick photo out in the garden and can’t wait to really give this lens a workout.  You will likely see video filmed through this lens soon.One of our big challenges is getting decent audio for narration.  We have solved many problems with this setup which includes a Shure KSM 32 mic.  Our initial test of this setup sounded great.


Macro view of Cowpen Daisy

Macro of Cowpen Daisy, shot with Canon 5D Mark III, 65mm 1-5X.