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This blog details our adventures as wildlife photographers and filmmakers. Follow Jessie Story and I as we film our upcoming wildlife series on PBS!

Texas State Bison herd and Texas Wild make the Dallas/Fort Worth News

Great news segment over the Texas State Bison herd and how drones are being used to monitor the bison within the park. Fantasic job by  WFAA News 8 ABC Dallas, Fort Worth who covered the segment.Our aerial footage is featured in the segment and Ray and I both make an appearance!


Saturated in technology for your viewing pleasure!

We have spent the last 3 years traveling the state over the holidays (including Christmas),  weekends, school breaks and birthdays, building up our video library for our series.  We try our darndest to capture as much diversity, to the best of our abilities, everywhere we go. Simple formula really.

The drawback?  There are only two of us sorting cards, categorizing animals and sorting video into a 40TB server while piecing video together.  Did I mention that Ray is Dr. Raymond Matlack, James A. Davidson endowed professor and I am a full time graduate student in the throws of completing my masters?

We work off 3 separate Dell laptops using an array of video software, adobe and other brands, 2 cellphones, 11 hardrives, that 40 TB server I just mentioned and an iPad.

Sometimes it’s easy to forget what we are doing or remember where that “one thing we filmed is.” It’s a case of “can’t see the forest for the trees” so to speak.

Here’s a few quick  pictures of the madness. My lap usually has more in it.


Somewhere on Ray’s table, there is a 300mm f2.8 lens, a 500mm f4, a drone, 10 hard drives, 5D mark III with a 65mm 1-5x (one of our favorite macros) countless flashdrives, macro adapter, IR panels and a jumping spider. Oh, and a dog.



“I don’t need no stinkin’ legs!” The life of a wildlife dachshund

Charlie, Charlie Brown or Peanut is one hell of a dog. A dachshund pound rescue who’s  Ray’s pride and joy and has lived quite the life.

Born November 7, she has travel a life times worth, hiked numerous paths across Texas, roamed in the same prairie as bison, walked off bark scorpion stings, beared through a wasp tongue sting, stung and chased out of a cave by bees, had an trans pecos rat snake hang onto the tip of her nose,  ran the beaches on the coast and canoed!

She has seen the border of Mexico, stood under bat swarms, stood nose-to-nose with an armadillo in a friendly encounter and been intimidated by an opossum. All this and much more in just two years.

Some of her favorite things include running through guano, sleeping on tables (it makes her feel tall) and seeing the beach.


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Cardinal in the mirror

We have a significant build-up of memory cards that have yet to be sorted. We keep these memory cards in a jar. Whenever we are waiting for a video to render or have spare time (whatever that is), we pick a card and sort it.

While digging through the jar last night I came across a male Northern Cardinal I photographed on a state park truck side mirror while staying in Caprock Canyons State Park. 

The cardinal was rather occupied with the mirror, jumping around on top and   pecking at it. This provided not just a photo opportunity, the bird remained in the location for a duration of time, but a look at animal behavior.

The male cardinal caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror and was alerted to a rival male’s presence in his territory. What we are seeing is a bird in the throws of a territorial battle! Check out his fancy foot work!