Bats for bat appreciation day

Today is bat appreciation day and we felt the need to pay homage to the many species of bats we have filmed. Brazilian free-tailed bats, a hoary bat, a Townsend’s big-eared bat, cave myotis and a pallid bat are highlighted in the video below. Feel free to spread the appreciation!

Caving around this past weekend

Last weekend we got to spend the day rooting around in a cave. Caves are one of our favorite hangout places being the big bat fans that we are. Even more exciting, Ray and I gave a tour to the landowners and the ranch manager’s family! We got two species of bat, the Brazilian free-tailed bat and the Townsend’s big-eared bat.  We are glad to report that everyone had the time of their lives and the kids loved scaling the canyon walls, crawling through the caves and coming face to face with bats! Big thanks to everyone for the great memories!

Bison in spring

Caprock Canyons State Park is a place that we visit often. In a sense, it has become our backyard. A backyard that the Texas State Bison Herd happens to roam. We have been filming in the park for several years and have watched as black-tailed prairie dogs have been re-introduced and filmed the release of the bison herd so they can roam freely throughout the state park. We love the community and throughout our time in the park, we have grown to know the bison herd quite well. Here is footage from this weekend’s visit.

A taste of things to come

Here’s a quick video we put together with footage from our up-coming series about the behaviors of eastern hog-nosed snakes and copperheads. Ray and I think you’ll get kick out of it!