A taste of things to come

Here’s a quick video we put together with footage from our up-coming series about the behaviors of eastern hog-nosed snakes and copperheads. Ray and I think you’ll get kick out of it!

Toads in my childhood

Toads have been a childhood love of mine. As a toddler I was most familiar with woodhouse toads often putting them in my pants when I couldn’t carry them all! I consider toads a huge influence on me and my life’s passion. Toads provide a path into wildlife for children. Toads can easily be found in any backyard or on any porch step. The presence of these toads in my neighborhood and grandparents backyard fed my childhood cravings for wildlife and made me a life long toad lover!

-Jessie Story

Shot with a Canon 5D Mark III with a 180mm

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Texas wild featured in PBS’s “Live Here” promo

Panhandle PBS did a great job on this promo for their series on the Panhandle, “Live Here”.  We are proud to say they used some of our video in their promo.  Watch for our aerial footage and for a quick snippet of a gator.  There will be much more of our video to come on “Live Here” next month (April 2015) when our segments air.

Copperhead having a go at Ray!

Here is a sneak peek of some behind-the-scene footage of Ray with a feisty female copperhead snake. We filmed the copperhead as part of our upcoming series #texaswildPBS.  We have both been big fans of snakes venomous or non-venomous since we were toddlers. Ray and I always enjoy our travels to east Texas and had the pleasure of filming this #beauty in Bastrop State Park while conducting small mammal research in the park.